Landscape for Color in Spring

The objective is to spread the blossoming throughout the season. One of the earliest to flower is the Serviceberry. Shown here is Standing Ovation which grows 15 feet high, but just 4 feet wide.After blooming, edible fruits for visiting birds are produced by summer. Then it caps the year off with stunning fall leaves.

The Fringe Tree blooms late spring with fragrant white blossoms. The tree looks delicate, but is tough, perfect for those narrow planting areas where other trees would not do too well.

Blue-purple fruits are produced for the fall which birds devour, getting them accustomed to coming to your landscape as a winter feeding ground; a delight for the whole family. Fringe Tree grows to 20 feet; and can be pruned to form a tall shrub or pruned as a tree.

What a refreshing display of flowers for the summertime garden! The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea looks good enough to eat!

The abundant blossoms on its mature 7 foot height will last for weeks, and then they are replaced with fresh blossoms to keep color right into the fall; they even like growing in semi-shade.

Narrow-growing Serviceberry

Narrow-growing Serviceberry

Fragrant Fringe Tree

Fragrant Fringe Tree

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

‘Vanilla Strawberry’ Hydrangea

Going From Here to There Can Be Beautiful

Having a whole landscape redesigned and installed can be revolutionary, but sometimes a simple addition can also be gratifying.  For instance, how often do you retrace your steps within your present landscape? Your frequent ‘trips’ can be more beautiful and enjoyable by establishing ‘pathways’ such as pictured here!

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