May Garden Tips – Spring is upon us

Anything you would want to know about caring for your landscape can be found on the internet. But we bring you the essential information you need to make intelligent decisions about critical care items, and most importantly, ideas to make your landscape more beautiful.

March teased about the rebirth of our landscapes. April unfolded that promise of rebirth, and May displays voluptuous beauty we all appreciate so much.

Last fall was the time of preparation to ensure this beauty. And now is the time to prepare for a beautiful and healthy summer full of delights by providing proper care. Planting annuals, perennials, shrubbery, a tree, or a new landscape feature will enable everyone to enjoy your home and landscape more.

may-gardenNature prepares ahead at the foundational level of your landscape, your soil. The free flow of oxygen into the soil is the prime requisite for plant growth and health. If there’s no oxygen in the soil, there can be no roots; no roots means no plant can live.

Winter weather froze and thawed our soils to loosen them; now a myriad of “workers” try to keep the soil open. Earthworms, soil borne insects and quadrillions of tiny microbes work tirelessly 24/7, if only they a re given a chance and not drowned by too much water. Hence, our recommendations for proper watering and the necessity of at least once measuring the output of your sprinklers so the right amount of water is reliably supplied. This is also a reason to have a rain gauge as part of your automatic sprinkler system.

Water and oxygen are a team, since most oxygen finds its way into the soil dissolved in water. Yet, too much water, and oxygen is dis placed in the soil pores.

As we move into hotter weather, supplemental watering will become more and more important; doing it right fosters and helps maintain health and beauty.

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