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June Garden Tips #1

We thoroughly enjoy spring weather, as do our turf and plants. It’s mild, and usually enough rain to keep everything growing nicely. Yes, there are weeds and some insects to contend with, but overall it’s just right. Now comes the transition to harder times. More heat, less rain, and with the change of weather come

May “Garden Tips” #2

Seasonal Spoilers –insects One of the more interesting insects that will do damage to landscapes is the pine sawfly arvae. They are so well camouflaged that they actually look like the pine needles they are devouring.  Look for them mid to late May on any mugho pines you have and spray them right away as

May “Garden Tips” #1

April brought spring into focus and May brings out the best of your yard’s landscape with new tree leaves, abundant flowering plants and vibrant lawns. Growing conditions are about the best they will be all season and Robert Bradley Landscaping will help you show off your lawn beautifully. You will be rewarded with lovely gardens,

What New Idea Would You Like To Try?

Here Are A Few Ideas Others Brought to Fruition.

General Reminders

Scale Insects on Tree and Shrubs Scale insects weaken plants by sucking sap from stem sand branches, and affect a surprising number of plants in the landscape. Scales can do a lot of damage and must be controlled now with horticultural oil. Sprinkler System Opening When your sprinkler system is opened up, remind the technician

Consider the Possibilities

Container gardening is nothing new, but, oh how the concept has been expanded! Flowers and vegetables can potentially be seen all over a landscape: brightly colored pots with vibrant flowers set in among an evergreen planting, transforming the space into a garden focal point; bright containers set on something to give height to a flat

Why Professional Landscape Care?

Because you want to enjoy your landscape, not worry about it! Services that are backed with experience and knowledge are the surest way to take the worry out of landscape care and provide long-term favorable results, and at the least expense. What we ask: while you are enjoying looking at your landscape and see something

April “Garden Tips” #1

There really is no parallel to the thrill of seeing a landscape “wake up” from winter dormancy. Winter drabness flees the advancement of spring’s display. What could serve to energize us more? Maybe to plant that tree you always wanted, or plant a new kind of shrub, or order a new landscape feature, or garden

Professional Landscape Service

Your landscape gives you and your family a great deal of pleasure, but it doesn’t exist and flourish without a lot of effort. Your landscape is best served by professional services that are backed up with knowledge and wisdom gained from years of experience. It is our intentional purpose to help each of our customers

General Reminders

Dormant spraying with a horticultural oil is the first line of defense against insects, and most especially for scale in sects whose hard shells are their defense against control measures attempted during the growing season. Soil Testing- is needed periodically to determine what is needed by your soil and plants to produce healthier and more resilient