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September Garden Tips 2016 #1

Landscape care costs have actually decreased over the years when comparing the value of the dollar now with its value decades ago. The principal reasons have been advances in hybrid grass varieties, new production methods of plants, more efficient landscape care materials, and more sensible management practices which include recognizing the contribution of natural forces within

August Garden Tips 2016 #2

Our Best Advice For Your Landscape For Your Lawn: Control Thatch… The natural function of grasses is to improve the top soil. In order to accomplish this, the grass plant grows quickly, continuously, and is relatively short-lived. A great deal of organic material is created which is then decomposed by microbes to incorporate the organic

August Garden Tips 2016 #1

August weather can be tough on your landscape, especially if it had not been receiving, let’s call it, “enlightened care.” Some landscape owners just accept the prospect of damage each year to their turf, trees or shrubs. But, it needn’t be that way. Most situations can be either improved or eliminated with “enlightened care” procedures.

July Gardening Notes 2016

Rhododendrons should have spent blossoms removed       Holes in Hosta and other leafy perennials usually are caused by beetles and slugs. Slugs can be controlled using diatomaceous earth; or maybe more happily, by Budweiser beer in a drowning dish.   Trimming Shrubbery should be finished up soon.       Check Your Sprinkler

July Garden Tips 2016 #2

Shrubbery requires about one inch of water each week under reasonable summer temperatures; maybe a bit more if it is really hot. Mulching generally reduces the amount of water that must be supplied. Trees generally can scavenge enough water because of their extensive root systems. But, if the tree is planted street-side, heat reflections from

July Garden Tips 2016 #1

  Summer months can be tricky: hot spells followed by quick rains; or just not and dry. We never really know in advance, and must be alert. Believe it or not, weather patterns do repeat and that can give us clues of what to expect, and what to prepare for. The best of course is

Gardening Notes

Water is increasingly needed as the weather turns hotter in order to keep stress low. This helps limit damage by insects and diseases. It’s a good idea to run through the sprinkler zones periodically, one by one, to make sure all heads are working properly to supply the right amount of water to each area.

Our Best Advice For Your Landscape

The more you reduce stresses in your landscape, the healthier it will be, and at the lowest cost. There is a balancing act going on in your landscape: vigorous life; and death, that recycles nutrients and organic matter for the benefit of the living plants. Only the healthiest plants are “allowed” to live. Others are

Effective Landscape Care Is A Partnership

The most obvious part is your willingness to act on our recommendations for the proper care of your landscape. We don’t make recommendations carelessly, rather they are carefully thought out. Our objective is to preserve health and beauty economically, which is more possible because of our years of experience. Changing weather conditions can alert us

Smart Idea – Grow Lavender In Your Garden and In Containers

Use large lavender varieties in background , singly, or en masse. Use smaller ones for borders and to grow in containers for your garden. Lavender is easy to grow, likes it hot and dry with well-drained soil. Harvest for drying for indoor fragrance when flowers are mature and fresh. Hang upside down in bunches in