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March Garden Tips – Tips for a New Season in 2017

March ‘Garden Tips’ for a New Season As you go through march, you can sense spring is coming by the warming air; the longer brighter days, and the first stirrings of new plant growth. It’s all a wonder. Spring’s new growth instills hope for a new year where everything can be made right. The old

December Garden Tips 2016 #3

Holiday Season Garden Notes Here’s why all your trees should be inspected each year, with maintenance pruning a yearly procedure. Storms and winter ice will test the strength of all trees. Broken trees lose much of their appeal, if not all their value! It’s easy to make attractive displays for the winter patio or entrance

December Garden Tips 2016 #2

Holiday Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers Protect Your Holiday Tree To conserve, and prevent a fire, spray an antidesiccant on your Holiday tree’s needles, top and bottom before bringing your tree into the house to keep it from drying out. Also, add water as needed.

December Garden Tips 2016 #1

Holiday Season Is Here! “Jack Frost nipping at your nose;” when comments are made about already missing the summer, or that this December is unusually warm. Whatever the weather, there still are things needed to be done outside to bring your landscape successfully to a close for the season. As these are done, remember your

November Garden Tips 2016 #3

Checklist for Autumn Trees, shrubbery and sod can be planted late into the fall instead of waiting until the too-busy spring. Spring bulbs can still be planted until the ground freezes. Check for needed pruning of tree limbs that could break off, causing damage or interrupting phone or electric services. Use sharp pruners to prune

November Garden Tips 2016 #2

Eastern Redbud Front & Center “Good things come in small packages” is a saying that ‘Forest Pansy’ Redbud exemplifies. It is a variety of eastern redbud that plant breeders have been paying more attention to, intensifying the charms of this once modest ornamental tree. It ‘performs’ wonderfully throughout the season. Just look at the attached

November Garden Tips 2016 #1

Nurturing for Spring What is done now to prepare for winter provides a dividend, a two-for-one benefit, as the major items to do also nurture the health and vibrancy of your turf, trees and shrubs for all of next year! And, too, it can still be a good time to add plants and landscape features

October Garden Tips 2016 #2

Thinking of Next Spring Now Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that first spring morning and look out and see your new landscape setting. Soon you ‘ll see those new plants bud out with new leaves and blossoms for the very first time in your garden. It just provokes a deeper level of satisfaction to

October Garden Tips 2016 #1

In an almost strange way, October can be compared to May. In May, the weather is almost perfect for growing everything; in October, the heat of summer is over and all plants (except warm-season grasses) are enjoying the coolness, and flourishing. In May, trees and shrubs are showing off their new foliage and blossoms; in

September Garden Tips 2016 #2

Fall is the Best Time for All Landscape Planting Projects No doubt you’ve read that “fall is the best time for planting.” But why is it a first choice? Well, most people’s interest in doing a landscape project emerges with a new Spring, and landscapers go crazy trying to meet the demand. Also, the soil