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May Garden Tips #1

The Magnificence of May This entire spring period is ideal for adding to your landscape’s beauty and functionality in anticipation of new pleasures for years to come. Maybe what you fantasized about during the dreary winter, or maybe for years, can now come true by proceeding to “get it done.” March gave us hope for

Spring “Garden Tips” #2

Ornamental Care in April Japanese cherry trees are magnificent in the spring, but are often attacked by scale insects. Borers can also be a problem as they tunnel and disrupt the flow of nutrients up into the tree. Both should be treated during April. Scale insects can be a serious problem since they produce a

Spring “Garden Tips” #1

The promise of spring is steadily approaching.  The energy stored up since last fall in your plants and lawn will soon form new leaves, flowers and a resurging green turf. Robert Bradley Landscaping can help get your yard spring ready and keep it healthy all year round. The beginning of Spring means several things… Winter’s