November “Garden Tips” #2

Quick Tips


autumn gardening tips

  • Mowing Continues occasionally through this month. Leave lawn at a two inch height for the winter.
  • Leaf Cleanup Continues in order to prevent fallen leaves from smothering your lawn.
  • Trees and Shrubs can still be planted late into the fall so you can relax next spring when it’s very busy and time is scarce.
  • Continue to Water as long as needed and weather allows.
  • Perennial Gardens will benefit from some attention now. Remove remaining vegetation, and apply organic fertilizer.
  • Vegetable Gardens should be turned or roto-tilled. Use an organic fertilizer and perhaps lime, if needed. (Have the soil tested.)
  • Visit Your Garden Center for great prices on plants. Nurseries don’t want to carry their stock through the winter, creating bargains for savvy shoppers.

During this special time for Thanksgiving, we would like to say “Thank you!” to all our friends and customers.

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