May Garden Tips – the Glory of Spring

With new growth surging all around us, we almost have a visual overdose with all the varying shades and tones of: whites; pinks; greens; purples; reds… while our lawns provide the background canvas with evolving  deeper shades of green to enhance the artistry of emerging spring scenes.

It almost seems like lawns would get green no matter what we did because they are growing so nicely; only occasionally does the yellow dandelion compete for attention.

landscaping may spring pink

Keeping a lawn (instead of a plethora of competing plants that form a carpet of sorts) requires fertilizer to keep it growing thick enough to discourage “turf-foreign” plants to grow. Some may still dare to come up, but are met with further control measures, giving the grass plants the advantage in order to become a tight, green, beautiful lawn.

The desire to have a beautiful lawn and landscape is universal. There is nothing more appealing than healthy greenery. Stimulating and nurturing a landscape with many varieties of plants not native to it’s new arena will automatically reveal problems. Therefore, we need to be diligent, and prepared for any upcoming challenges as the season progresses through varying temperatures, moisture levels, humidity, and emerging insects.

That is our objective, both for your lawn as well as for your ornamentals. The need for insect and disease control is unavoidable; the level of “need” is influenced by environmental and growing conditions.

Conservation begins at home by protecting the health, beauty, and value of what has been created on the canvas of bare earth.

In arboretums and parks all over the country are found an expression of the higher art form that of taking what nature has made available, and maximizing the beauty for all to enjoy.

That is precisely our objective for you and your family: for you to enjoy the enhanced beauty of a healthy landscape all during the season, and every season.

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