January “Garden Tips” #1

January “Garden Tips”

…and a New Year of Opportunity

winter tree landscaping“Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own”
– Charles Dickens

Winter isn’t appreciated by most, unless they are into skiing, other winter sports or love the frigid temperatures and cold snow; nevertheless, it does have its virtues and beauty.

If your landscape was prepared properly for winter’s cold weather, then your trees and shrubs will be able to so what they are designed to do this time of year – rest!

We all can take a lead from our plants and yards and take time to rest from the efforts of caring for your landscape. Take this time to settle in with a good book, take a vacation, or staycation and dream a little of the new year’s opportunities, promise and yard potential and projects.

Some projects you might want to consider are some new plantings, a patio, a perennial garden, or installing pond or water feature of some sort. Another landscape project would be to have your trees checked. If they need pruning, then this is a good time to get the work done during the off season when the work will not disrupt your garden as it would during the growing season.

Landscape care, both maintenance and health, is important for longevity, beauty and value. So take some time to renew those services which will continue to keep your landscape attractive.

Perhaps it’s necessary to discuss additional services to meet your landscape expectations. Now would be an ideal time to get together and discuss future projects. Waiting until the spring could be less productive, as everyone in the Greens Industry struggles to accomplish the work they have already scheduled. There’s little time for a leisurely discussion then.

Here at Robert Bradley Landscaping, we appreciated the opportunity of serving your landscape needs during this past season and we are looking forward to serving you again after our rest. Contact us to for a complimentary consultation and estimate. Check back often to see our web specials, garden tips and timely posts.

Quick Reminders

winter landscaping gardening tips

  • Evergreen Trimmings from your yard can be used to create wonderful decorative baskets in place of containers with flowers. An example is pictured above.
  • Time For Tree Pruning in order to keep them healthy and in shape. Suggestion: make this a yearly management strategy.
  • Ice On Branches – one cannot remove ice from branches. What will happen is they will break in the process; let the ice melt naturally. Try to support ice-laden branches until the ice melts off; e.g., a step ladder or boards, or rope to help prevent branches from bending too much, cracking, and destroying the shape.
  • winter snow gardening tipsSand for Ice – if possible, do not use salts which will hurt your turf and plants. Please, never use rock salt!
  • Loose-Growing Shrubbery – wrap heavy cord around them to protect from heavy snow or ice.

When Ice Coats All

frozen tree landscapeIt’s cold and windy, and freezing rain wraps around everything, creating a wonderland of sparkling icy sculptures. While beautiful to behold with light shining through, and even more stunning when the sun radiates the ice coatings, it often causes great damage to landscape plants.

frozen home lawn careWhile all potential damage can’t be prevented, several steps can be taken beforehand: prune dead limbs, or limbs that could fall on service lines; tie together loose branches; clean/fix gutters so cascading icy water doesn’t build up on shrubbery below.

frozen tree landscapingAfter the storm: corrective pruning to regain shapes; deep root fertilizing to help wounds heal and to promote new growth.

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