How Inviting is Your Entrance? – Entrance Gardens – March 2017

Often, when considering new landscaping, attention is paid to the living areas of the backyard, while the entrance isn’t given much thought, yet it is your presentation to the neighborhood, and the welcoming area for your guests.

A rule of thumb is that the entrance garden area should reflect the style of your home, while the back can be as you want it. A formal English Tudor, for instance, would not be well served by a “cottage garden” design; nor are overgrown shrubs that obscure your windows and building features a sign of a welcoming front setting.

This small house is well served by its entrance garden. It’s attractive and welcoming, while also enhancing the home’s appearance.

Abundant flowers all season invites visitors to a colorful and beautiful experience as they come to this home. The spiral evergreens set off the entrance nicely during all seasons.

One or two containers at the entrance door is an attractive feature. If the entrance is shaded, make identical containers. Keep one in the sun in the back yard and switch them to keep the entrance fresh looking and beautiful.

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