December Garden Tips 2016 #1

Holiday Season Is Here!

“Jack Frost nipping at your nose;” when comments are made about already missing the summer, or that this December is unusually warm. Whatever the weather, there still are things needed to be done outside to bring your landscape successfully to a close for the season. As these are done, remember your joy when Spring broke last year, and how you and your family enjoyed your landscape all through the season.

Snow Covered Home

What’s happening out there now?

It must be apparent that we produce our “Garden Tips” in advance, so we aren’t privy to weather conditions coming in this month of December. But, here are three possible scenarios:

One, the weather is milder than normal. As a result, there could still be active scale insects requiring treatment. On the positive side, turf and ornamental roots develop more abundantly, setting a really great foundation to better get through the winter, and , for next season , a greater resistance to diseases and insects because they will be healthier.

Two, the weather has been getting cold normally. Root growth continues because the ground hasn’t frozen solid yet.

Insect problems have ceased. Three, the weather turns from normal fall temperatures to very cold quickly, so cold that the ground freezes, and because there is abundant moisture in the soil, the soil freezes deeply.

This is very dangerous to the roots of all ornamentals. Death to a large amount of roots causes foliage loss on evergreens (which may even be seen during the winter), and damage to ornamentals (shrubs and small trees), that will show up next spring when the plants are trying to put out new growth. Pruning and fertilizing will be needed to help them recover, and some more vulnerable shrubs could be lost.

Now, as this season comes to a close, we look forward to your comments about our efforts.

Through the years, comments from our customers have aided us in structuring our business to provide better services for you.

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