August Garden tips #1

Summer is a favorite time of year: barbecues, vacations, friends, family, neighbors… enjoying Nature, enjoying sitting under a shade tree, or in a private part of your garden, listening to the birds, admiring the beauty of delicate butterflies…

But, the heat can get you down, so there is always air conditioning. For your lawn there is no such relief (can get to 140 degrees at ground level) so your turf just has to hang on. Watering reliably of course helps – a LOT!

A sprinkler system would be a big help, and controlling thatch would also help. We discuss these in your current “Garden Tips,” along with other subjects and presentation of some simple ideas to enhance your landscape for the rest of the season.

Please call on us if you have any questions, or need additional services or advice.  Hope you enjoy our efforts, and trust you’ll enjoy the rest of the summer.  Best wishes!

August “Garden Tips ” for Discovery

professional lawn services

Professional Lawncare Services – Get your lawn cared for from a pro, who can monitor your landscape and alert you to items that may also need to be taken care of. Our responsibility is to preserve the landscape you have and the investment you have made.

One purpose of our sending you the “Garden Tips” is to share ideas that will help you enjoy your garden more. But, the greater purpose is to provide you with accurate knowledge of the intricacies of landscape care. Therefore, you become better equipped to make educated decisions as to what contributions are necessary for the longevity of your landscape.

AUGUST! For the landscape care pro it’s like the doctor’s flu season; the accountant’s tax season. On one hand we dread it: insects, grubs, diseases doing their best to make our lives, well, miserable. But, really, we also wait for this time to discover weaknesses in the landscapes under our care, especially new properties that we were hired to maintain recently.

For, it’s the stress of heat, the stress of declining food energy reserves, and the enhanced activities of insects and disease occurrence that show us what steps need to be taken to strengthen and increase the health of the trees, shrubs and turf under our care. In this way our clients will have the best possible experience with their landscapes for decades to come.

While declining, even dying grass is alarming, that weaker grass can be replaced with better, more enduring varieties. When a shrub begins to fail, we are alerted to look deeper into the cause, perhaps saving that shrub, but most certainly rectifying the situation so the other shrubs remain healthy.

Autumn is on its way – care for your lawn accordingly!

summer lawn care

A lawn can get summer weary because of heat stress and also using up stored food energy in its roots

Trees alert us to their needs by discarding leaves and stems; and turning to fall colors earlier than the other trees around them.

The other good news is that cooler fall weather will soon arrive. In fact, those of us who deal with weather all the time can actually smell and feel a difference in the air that signals a changing of the season.

So, hang in there. We will.

Supply Water to Keep Soil Moist & Turf Green

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