Annual Plant “All American Selection” Winners

Each year plants are judged and named “All American Selections.” Here are several past winners.


viola shangri-la marinaViola ‘Shangri-La Marina’
This vigorous, frost-tolerant viola blooms in early spring, and provides a solid mat of color in the fall until covered by snow, or it goes dormant. The next spring it recovers to bloom yet again!


Salvia Summer Jewel RedSalvia ‘Summer Jewel Red’
This dwarf variety of salvia grows compactly to 20 inches at most. Bright red flowers cover the plant from spring until fall, attracting hummingbirds, and goldfinches that love the seeds. It makes an ideal plant for containers and borders because of its neat growth. It needs full sun.


Gaillardia Arizona ApricotGaillardia ‘Arizona Apricot’
Gaillardia is a compact 12-inch-tall perennial that is drought resistant and relatively maintenance free except to remove spent blossoms in order to encourage more flowering. It blooms from early summer into the autumn, and is best used as a border plant in full sun.










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