Winter Pruning

winter-pruningWinter Pruning Chores

Pruning evergreen shrubbery is often a neglected maintenance procedure. The reward is healthier shrubs that just look much better.

A pain-in-the-neck procedure is removing spent blossoms. It’s seldom done, but will result in more blossoms the following year.

winter-pruning-choresDead stems and twigs are often found and should be removed for the health and appearance of the shrubs.

Rhododendrons can grow large, but can be pruned to retain their size to a point. Just don’t lop off tall branches; rather, cut them back to the main stem. This tactic will keep all shrubbery looking more “natural.”

Pruning of all evergreen flowering shrubs should be an annual procedure for their health and to maximize their beauty. Winter is a good season to have this time-consuming chore done.

tender-evergreenWinter Care for Tender Evergreens

Decades ago tender evergreens were wrapped in burlap to keep their leaves and needles from losing moisture during the winter, the main cause of winter damage. It still is a good idea where tender evergreens are subjected to high winds or where snow can pile onto them and break stems or spread them so Moisture loss the shrubs’ appearance is ruined.

Today, the leaves of evergreens can be easily coated with an antidesiccant that will restrict moisture loss. Rhododendrons with their large leaves are especially prone to winter damage.

holiday-lightingHoliday Lighting

Some people go to great lengths to decorate their homes for the holiday season. But even just a few lights can be festive. Moreover, it will give you an idea of how an outdoor lighting project for your entire landscape can be most appealing, for safety as well as for bringing out an entirely new dimension of your landscape’s beauty.

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