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Water is increasingly needed as the weather turns hotter in order to keep stress low. This helps limit damage by insects and diseases. It’s a good idea to run through the sprinkler zones periodically, one by one, to make sure all heads are working properly to supply the right amount of water to each area.

January “Garden Tips” #2

Are “Your” Birds Satisfied? To be sure, birds that are hungry enough will even eat old dried bread.  But, to give them what they need, that takes seeds, some suet and some unfrozen water. To get the best variety of birds to visit, sunflower seeds do a good job, attracting finches, juncos, towhees, cardinals, buntings,

October “Garden Tips” #1

October “Garden Tips”. . . time for a landscape audit Few landscape owners know how many shrubs, evergreens, ornamental trees or shade trees they have on their property, or their sizes. It is a good idea to know, because how many trees and shrubs there are will determine how much it will cost to maintain

September “Garden Tips” #2

Lawn ~ Tree ~ Shrub Check Gardening Notes The Miracle of Seed Germination occurs rapidly in the warm soil of fall. Supply water daily, and watch the seeds sprout to renew your verdant turf Best Not to Turn Off Your System Until Later in the Fall. Trees and shrubs need to store up lots of

September “Garden Tips” #1

Time to investigate your landscape For so many reasons, fall is the preferred time to upgrade your landscape. Planting conditions are ideal for lawns, trees, shrubs, perennials, and spring bulbs. There’s always pent-up demand for landscape projects in the spring. People have had ample time to yearn for their garden and what can be done

June Garden Tips #1

The services we provide, the seasonal care information we send to increase your knowledge,and garden ideas offered, all have as the main focus the means for you and your family to more fully enjoy your landscape, to appreciate its natural beauty, and its positive contribution to your life. The Summer is Here We certainly have