Spring “Garden Tips” #1

The promise of spring is steadily approaching.  The energy stored up since last fall in your plants and lawn will soon form new leaves, flowers and a resurging green turf. Robert Bradley Landscaping can help get your yard spring ready and keep it healthy all year round.

The beginning of Spring means several things…

home landscaping in spring

Spring is an ideal time to begin working with Robert Bradley Landscaping.

Winter’s damage to trees and shrubbery needs to be managed by pruning off dead ends and branches. Lawns need to be raked and fertilized to aid recovery from snow mold, foot traffic and compacted snow, which have caused brown spots or patches in the greening turf.   A lawn maintenance contract from Robert Bradley Landscaping might be the answer to your needs.

Springtime means preparing for the coming season so you can enjoy your landscaped yard to the fullest. This includes control of crabgrass, other weeds and fertilizing trees and shrubbery if it wasn’t done last fall. It also means preparing flower and vegetable gardens for another season of blooms and produce. Additionally, it means controlling early damaging insects such as borers, leaf miners, scales, spruce gall aphids and tent caterpillars. Robert Bradley offers a wide range of landscaping services from clean ups to weekly or seasonal maintenance.

Spring also brings the opportunity to add additional landscape features such as patios, trees, shrubbery and flower gardens. They bring new interest and pleasure to your home because of the added beauty from the new plants and the usefulness of a new patio, walkway, sprinkler system or fencing.

All landscapes that are cared for are a benefit to the environment. Your plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. They also take in other pollutants and trap dust and particulates.  A healthy lawn conserves moisture. The soil that filters the water as it gets added to reserves in the ground is a benefit that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Robert Bradley Landscaping is here to help you with your landscape designs and perennial gardens.

At Robert Bradley Landscaping, we want to thank you for the opportunity to once again be available to help you fully enjoy your landscape for another season.

Quick Notes

red tulip flowers

Red tulips on spring display


  • Spring Bulb Foliage replenishes the energy supply for next year’s growth, so remove leaves only when they are entirely brown.
  • Spring Grass Seeding requires patience as the cold ground extends the time for germination.
  • Pansies can provide early color for your planters, flower boxes, and your garden.
  • Ornamental Grasses need to have remaining stems cut down in preparation for this year’s new growth.
  • Spring Bulb Duds can be caused by: a late cold snap that injures flower buds before they open; planting bulbs too shallow; soil that was too wet and the bulbs rotted; also, tulips bloom for only three years.

Aren’t you glad spring has arrived for another season of beauty?

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