September Garden Tips 2016 #1

Landscape care costs have actually decreased over the years when comparing the value of the dollar now with its value decades ago.

dormant-summer-lawnThe principal reasons have been advances in hybrid grass varieties, new production methods of plants, more efficient landscape care materials, and more sensible management practices which include recognizing the contribution of natural forces within the landscape.

A green lawn in summer was the goal. So, as hybrid bluegrasses came along with better fertilizers and weed controls, that goal was partially achieved, just as long as adequate water was supplied.

Overall, with better grasses, expenses declined.

Today, weed control, including controlling crabgrass (the bane of every lawn owner in the 50’s), as well as insect, grub and disease control, has improved dramatically.

Yesterday’s need for large chemical usage contributed to converting ‘soil’ into ‘dirt’. Earthworms and other beneficial insects, microbes, etc. were killed out, making it harder to maintain a quality lawn . But today, with 21st Century care products that are only needed in miniscule amounts, and soil testing, soils again are becoming more viable, able to support healthier growth for better lawns that are safer and more enjoyable.

The lawn owner of the past could only wish to have a lawn, no matter what they
spent, as good as what we’d today regard as a poorly performing lawn.

Landscape Care Advances

modern-lawn-careLandscape care has improved markedly over the years because enlightened practitioners have tried one innovation after another to find the best combinations that provide the results customers want on their properties.

This only happened because of continuous education and the desire to provide the best care possible.  The bonus is lower costs while also achieving better results.

This goal continues to be intentional, requiring diligence, intelligence, and above all… experience.

There are no shortcuts to acquiring experience!

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