September “Garden Tips” #2

Lawn ~ Tree ~ Shrub Check

Gardening Notes


The Miracle of Seed Germination occurs rapidly in the warm soil of fall. Supply water daily, and watch the seeds sprout to renew your verdant turf
Robert_Bradley_Landscaping_September_Gardening_Tips_#1_04 Best Not to Turn Off Your System Until Later in the Fall. Trees and shrubs need to store up lots of moisture before winter comes in order to be ready to emerge healthy next spring. Supplemental watering may be needed if the fall is dry.
Aeolian Wind Harp originated in Greece in 6B.C. It can bring your garden’s breezes alive with harmonic sound. for more information.
Robert_Bradley_Landscaping_September_Gardening_Tips_#1_06Spring Bulbs arriving soon to supply you with many varieties for your Spring display as a celebration of a new gardening season.

Thatch (marked by the white bracket) develops at the surface, restricting water penetration and nurturing diseases

Robert_Bradley_Landscaping_September_Gardening_Tips_#1_08 Shrubs may signal they are not “happy” where they are by growing poorly, and may do better planted elsewhere.

Robert_Bradley_Landscaping_September_Gardening_Tips_#1_09 Scale Insects need treatment first and then to find the cause for a persistent infestation.

Robert_Bradley_Landscaping_September_Gardening_Tips_#1_10 Tree Signals Cause for Concern and Action.

While you are “editing” your landscape to enhance its appearance and increase its appeal for your family, check out your turf , trees and shrubbery for signs of what kind of attention they may need now.
Significantly, the fall period is the premier time for upgrading the health of your landscape.
The weather is conducive to good plant growth, and Nature has decreed fall as the time to rapidly increase root growth and the development of a greater root mass in all plants.

Devoting efforts in this direction will bring dividends for years to come far beyond the efforts expended.

Lawns may look poorly, even have bare spots and weeds growing, or be in hard soil with shallow roots, or have a layer of thatch at the surface that has thickened over the years and is now affecting your turf’s health. These things should be fixed now.

Some shrubs may look like they’ve seen better days and need attention before the winter comes. Scale insects may still be feeding and need to be eradicated for the continued health of affected shrubs (and trees).

The item we would urge you to have the most concern about is if any of your trees’ leaf canopies are showing premature loss or leaf color change.

What an “Editing” of Your Landscape Can Bring


A Stylish Path Leads to Privacy Among Shrubbery Beds and Future Shade TreesRobert_Bradley_Landscaping_September_Gardening_Tips_#1_12A Curving Rustic Stone Path Entices Guests to a Private Entertainment AreaRobert_Bradley_Landscaping_September_Gardening_Tips_#1_13
Create a New Living Space With Large Rock Pavers and Fireplace

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