October Garden Tips 2016 #2

Thinking of Next Spring Now

spring-thoughtsWouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that first spring morning and look out and see your new landscape setting. Soon you ‘ll see those new plants bud out with new leaves and blossoms for the very first time in your garden. It just provokes a deeper level of satisfaction to an emerging spring that is already a wonder to behold.

What a contrast to waking up to a new spring morning and having to be bothered with the installation, and having to wait until later for it to be done so you can begin to enjoy it.

Missed is that first gaze, that first rush of almost love as you admire what was done for you the previous fall, and you are flushed with the realization of the pleasures that await you for the entire season and for the many years ahead.

Don’t Forget Spring Bulbs. What else so beautifully ushers in a new season and gives so much joy after a drab winter.

The Importance of Pruning

annual-serviceWhile most homeowners are shocked when they learn how many trees and shrubs make up their landscape, they gain a greater appreciation of their asset that can keep growing year by year because it receives experienced professional care.

Numbered among the great improvements in horticultural health care is emphasis on the importance of proper pruning: to train the growth of young trees; to keep sucker branches removed; to keep dead branches pruned off both trees and ornamental shrubbery.

Highly recommended is an annual inspection of pruning needs, and that pruning be done yearly for the health of the plants, and also, to keep overall costs down.

October Gardening Notes

A “Fall Special” sprinkler system installation could well be the answer to enjoying your healthier landscape more!

Off-color foliage often indicates lack of oxygen in the root zone.

Trees will naturally grow with a “flare” at the bottom. Here a straight trunk indicates the tree has been planted too deeply.

NOTE: An audit of your soil’s condition and nutrient availability is wisely done every few years to help maintain optimum health.

Pansies will provide color in the fall garden until a frost knocks them down.  Probably several will regrow in the spring. Ornamental Kale in containers, along bed borders, grouped in patterns, will last until a hard frost. They also partner well in containers with mums and pansies.

May We Introduce You to Ferns for Garden Solutions

If you would visit Hawaiian lava fields, the first plants that emerge are ferns; so we know they are tough. Their use in modern landscapes is just beginning to be appreciated. Their sizes range from small 6 inches to 5-6 foot giants, but the most versatile for landscapes is the well behaved “Christmas Fern” with 12″ to 16″ fronds.

fernsHere are just a few suggestions where they can enhance your landscape: in container plantings along with a variety of successive bloomers, because the ferns will last all season, and even through part of the winter ; along the drip line of your garage where nothing else will grow; any shaded s pot; under trees along with mulch.

There are many ferns for you to experiment with, but Christmas fern is among the most adaptable, easy to grow in most soil types, and is in many areas, evergreen!

Create new dramatic displays of greenery in places that are neglected now with mostly evergreen Christmas Ferns.

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