October “Garden Tips” #2

Your Tree/Shrub Audit May Reveal

Gardening Notes

home sprinkler
Watering a landscape by hose and sprinkler definitely is not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but watering is essential to your landscape’s health. A “Fall Special” sprinkler system could well be the answer for enjoying your landscape more with less labor!
NOTE: Fall is a good time to appraise how different varieties of plants have done for you this season and to make changes or additions.
NOTE: An audit of your soil’s condition and nutrient availability is wisely done every few years to help maintain optimum health.
fall pansiesPansies provide color in the fall garden until a frost knocks them down with some returning in the spring to flower again.
off color foliage
Off-color foliage often
indicates lack of oxygen
in the root zone.

A frequent situation found while doing a landscape audit is where tree and shrub roots are not getting enough oxygen. Roots, to be working effectively for your plants’ health, must have oxygen within the soil.

This situation is found where shrubs are getting swamped, either by a roof drain or a blocked sprinkler nozzle.

For trees, oxygen deprivation occurs when a soil grade has been raised, and oxygen can’t penetrate to where the roots are growing. Further, occasionally, trees are initially planted too deeply so the roots can not be oxygenated adequately.

straight trunk
Trees grow a ”flare” at the bottom. Straight trunk shows it has been planted too deeply.

These problems can either be fixed outright, or dealt with through judicious pruning, fertilizing and soil conditioning.

tree auditA tree audit may reveal a need for pruning branches away from utility lines which could become severed during a storm by your trees’ falling branches. Tree care should include a yearly audit; especially needed before winter weather sets in.

oriana orienpet lily
Plant This Fall for Gorgeous Blooms next Summer

‘Orania’ Orienpet Lily bulbs should be planted this fall in order to have blossoms next summer; and then they expand to produce more lavish displays each following summer. These are sturdy, showy plants whose fragrance will waft throughout your landscape. You’ll have to give them room because they’ll grow 3-4 feet high and wide, performing in full sun and even in partial shade.

ornamental kaleOrnamental Kale in containers, along bed borders, grouped in patterns, will last until a hard frost. They also partner well in containers with mums and pansies.




What an “Editing” of Your Landscape Could Add

hillside planting

A hillside planting can be very dramatic and artistic Imagine spring bulbs, followed by irises, lilies, gladiolus, canna, pansies, ornamental
kale and mums for the fall.

night lighting

Daylight savings time is coming to an end, plunging your landscape into nighttime oblivion. Fight back, save your landscape’s honor
with imaginative lighting that brings out a new dimension of your landscape’s beauty.

paving stones

Create a new dramatic entrance
to your home with paving stones. Leave spaces in the planting for
spring bulbs, pansies, annuals, and mums for color all season.

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