October “Garden Tips” #1

October “Garden Tips”. . . time for a landscape audit

Few landscape owners know how many shrubs, evergreens, ornamental trees or shade trees they have on their property, or their sizes. It is a good idea to know, because how many trees and shrubs there are will determine how much it will cost to maintain them. Moreover, if a winter storm does rip through your landscape, your insurance carrier will need to have evidence of your loss; so pictures are also recommended.

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Sharing Knowledge and Ideas to Benefit Your Landscape is What Our Professional Care Is All About

For too many in this business, doing landscape work is merely a means to a paycheck. They’ll never achieve the level of professional expertise that brings satisfaction to themselves, or true value to their customers. Landscape work as a profession is tough. It is not for everyone. But, after putting in another season, we can’t think of anything else we would rather do! Our satisfaction comes from having the knowledge to professionally serve you and your landscape’s needs.
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A Landscaping Audit is simple enough to do. Just count the flowering shrubs, the evergreens, the length of screening evergreens and other hedges, recording the size and types of plants. For trees, take the DBH (diameter measurement of the trunk at breast height), approximate height, and diameter of each tree’s canopy, and the type of tree. To finish off, take pictures from several vantage points to get all the trees and shrubs recorded.The reality is that our landscape designs and plantings are comprised of mostly foreign plants not native to our local area.

This can mean that our local soil composition and content are not necessarily naturally conducive to their healthy growth, requiring some nutrient supplementation. Also, local insects and diseases can infect our adopted plants more because the plants’ natural defenses, aided by beneficial insects and conditions found in the plants’ natural habitat, are not present. Therefore, they most likely will require extra control measures.

The rule of thumb is: “the further away a plant is from its natural habitat, the more care it is likely to need,” even though plants show a remarkable ability to adapt.

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How many Trees and Shrubs Make Up This Landscape?

Proper and economical care begins with an audit, and observing the condition of the trees and plants in order to design a program to best care for them over the long term, and to determine any need for immediate attention.

While most homeowners are shocked when they learn how many trees and shrubs make up their landscape, they gain a greater appreciation of their asset that keeps growing year by year as it receives experienced professional care.

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