November Gardening Notes

Garden checklist for Winter

  • Trees, shrubbery and sod can be planted late into the fall instead of waiting until the too-busy spring.
  • Spring bulbs can still be planted until the ground freezes.
  • Check for needed pruning of tree limbs that could break off, causing damage or interrupting phone or electric services.
  • Use sharp pruners to prune taxus, holly, spruce and others; you could store branches in a cold place for later holiday decorations. Be sure to cut above a bud or side branch.
  • Bring in your garden hoses, winterize the sprinkler system, turn off outside water faucets.
  • Obtain supplies of sand or kitty litter as ice control materials. Please limit salt use as much as possible because salt will damage turf, and your shrubbery and trees.
  • Store firewood outdoors to keep bugs out of your house.
  • Clean leaders and gutters of leaves and debris.

winter-aconiteWinter Aconite: the first bulbs to show in late winter/ early spring. Do plant them now while you still can.

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