November Garden Tips – Part 2

Countdown to Winternovember landscape design

As the season starts to close down for a rest, we are reminded that there are still items to take care of, and also to provide all the energy your landscape needs to flourish next season. Our suggestions have been determined by our experience over many seasons and need your consideration. We are thankful to you, as it has been our privilege to fulfill your trust in us by providing care, concern, and ideas for your landscape.

Early November your grass is happy and green, the beneficiary of cool weather and the energy provided through fertilizing earlier in the fall. If your lawn contains Bermuda or zoysia grasses that prefer hot weather, they shut down for a long winter’s rest.

From mid-October until your turf goes dormant, the energy from fertilizer is mostly used for growing root systems. In many cases, the grass plants are re-growing th eir root systems which were reduced during the hot weather (Bermuda and zoysia grasses grow their roots best during the summer.)

With adequate fertilizer, all grasses produce sugars to increase their endurance to get through the cold winter, and then still have enough energy left to come out of dormancy.

Your trees and shrubbery need a helping hand as well, because they too are programmed to grow more roots during the fall.

Traditionally, fertilizing shrubbery is put off until there is no chance of stimulating new tender growth that could get damaged during the winter.Trees shut down in early fall as their leaves begin to drop, so fall fertilizing won’t stimulate tender growth.

Fall fertilizing of trees and shrubs is also to provide for next season’s use by being on hand and available, as the plants need it, because the fertilizer becomes incorporated into the soil.

If only from the standpoint of supplying energy for growing more roots (the all-important foundation for plant health and beauty), fall fertilizing is very important for your entire landscape.

By The End of November, One Knows Winter Is Coming

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