November Garden Tips 2016 #3

Checklist for Autumn

Eastern Redbud

  • Trees, shrubbery and sod can be planted late into the fall instead of waiting until the too-busy spring.
  • Spring bulbs can still be planted until the ground freezes.
  • Check for needed pruning of tree limbs that could break off, causing damage or interrupting phone or electric services.
  • Use sharp pruners to prune taxus, holly, spruce and others;  you could store branches in a cold place for later holiday decorations.  Be sure to cut above a bud or side branch.
  • Bring in your garden hoses, winterize the sprinkler system, turn off outside water faucets.


Since it only grows to about twenty feet tall, it can fit well into many landscape settings for good effect.

Time For Pruning Trees Where Needed!

You do not want to be caught with troubled, weak crotches or branching in any of your trees during any winter. Wind and ice storms could devastate the trees as well as cause serious damage to other plantings, your home, internet, and electrical wires.

Get professional help to get work done before winter.

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