November Garden Tips 2016 #1

Nurturing for Spring

What is done now to prepare for winter provides a dividend, a two-for-one benefit, as the major items to do also nurture the health and vibrancy of your turf, trees and shrubs for all of next year! And, too, it can still be a good time to add plants and landscape features that will benefit everyone next year and for years to come.

Outstanding beauty as our landscapes bid us adieu until spring

When you have your landscape prepared for winter, your dividend is that your landscape is being nurtured for healthy growth all next season.

When fertilizer, perhaps along with soil-test-recommended soil amendments, is applied to your lawn now, deeper roots are established that will produce healthier turf next season.

When you supply nutrients for trees and shrubbery, the nutrients get incorporated into the soil for easy and even access next spring, stimulating more root growth and healthier top growth.

When you have your tender evergreens protected from moisture loss during the winter, they are ready to grow healthy foliage instead of having to expend energy repairing destroyed tissue.

When you have your trees inspected (as you should do once every year) for their health and pruning needs, and have the necessary work done, your trees will look more vibrant. Judicious pruning gets rid of dead wood, crossing branches and excess branching that takes strength away from the branches you really want to keep for proper shaping.

When you have a landscape project finished now, you won’t be waiting in line to get the project done because the ring is always so busy.

This means you’ll be enjoying your investment in new plants and landscape features right from the beginning of the new season, while others must wait to get enjoyment out of their investment some time later!

Knowledge and Wisdom have been Combined to Provide Enlightened Care.

Another season coming to a close; another season with its own specific problems that challenged our store of knowledge and wisdom gained from the experiences of many prior seasons.
What keeps us fascinated with this vocation (or calling) is that there is always something new to experience and learn.
So, as another season is drawing to a close, we are grateful for your trust that has allowed us to follow our passion: which is to help provide a wonderful, healthy landscape for your family to enjoy!

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