November “Garden Tips” #1

November… Winding Down

autumn landscaping leavesBy now there’s probably been a frost or two which serves as a reminder that winter is quickly approaching and there’s a lot to do to prepare your yard for the cold that lies ahead. Your lawn is looking for its last feeding to be able to produce more sugars which will lead to better winter hardiness and Robert Bradley Landscaping is here to meet all your landscape winterization needs.

November starts off in full fall foliage mode and, at the end of the month, ends with a blanket of leaves that must be cleaned away. Leaves can be raked into shrubbery beds to serve as a mulch and modify soil temperatures. When temperatures drop early and suddenly combined with the wet soil the result is freezing of the roots and potential damage to shrubs and other plants.  If you don’t want to use leaves, another mulch material should be used for tender shrubs or newly established shrubs and perennials.

Your trees and shrubbery are absorbing as much moisture as they can to hydrate the entire plant, so it’s a good time to add fertilizer. This will also help develop their root systems. Trees should be checked to see if they are in need of pruning and to check for branches that may be ripped down in a winter ice store. This proactive step could save you property damage or damage to nearby electrical wires.

Shrubs need to be tidied up; perennial beds cleaned of dead stems, and mulched; annuals, struck down by cold, cleaned out of containers and garden areas. Roses need to be trimmed and also mulched to protect their tender stems and roots from winter’s cold.

Robert Bradley Landscaping and crew hope that you have had a good year and we are thankful that you have trusted us with your landscaping needs. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or should you need a consultation for additional services. Check back often for our web specials and coupons, gardening tips and our timely posts. We look forward to serving your future landscaping needs.

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