Robert Bradley Landscaping: experts in designing perennial flower gardens since our founding in 1973.

We know all there is to know about planting and caring for the best perennial gardens.  Some of the many services that we provide and considerations that we make when planning your garden include:

  • perennial garden plans, designs and ideas
  • planning a perennial garden – layout of plants and other design criteria
  • plant and flower selection and layouts 
  • answers to perennial flower gardens questions – such as shade or full-sun?   small or large plants?  how to plant?  easy or difficult to maintain?  pre-planned or custom?

There are over 109 perennial flowers that New Jersey excels in growing (according to the University of Texas at Austin’s Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center).  Some of the New Jersey flowers that we excel at planting includes:

  • Red Columbine – No New Jersey perennial garden would be complete without the Red Columbine. It blooms in spring and the early summer and grow up to 2 feet tall, though it usually grows vertically and not horizontally. The Red Columbine grows best in well-drained soil rich in sand and limestone.
  • Bluebell Bellflowers – New Jersey flower planting gains a splash of brilliant color with the Bluebell Bellflower. Blooming between June through September, the Bluebell Bellflowers can be planted nearly anywhere, either a well-lit garden in the sun, or under plentiful shade, and in nearly any soil composition. Bluebell Bellflowers are perfect perennial flowers New Jersey gardens should have.
  • Cutleaf Coneflowers – A New Jersey perennial garden with Cutlead Coneflowers can expect the flower to bloom in late summer, between July and October. Growing to an impressive towering height of 12 feet. Cutleaf Coneflowers are known to be resilient, grow rapidly, and thrive in nearly environment.
  • Chrysanthemum – Of all of the flower planting perennials in NJ, the Chrysanthemum is perhaps the most recognized and well-known. They are popular throughout the state and often remain after other annuals and most perennials have wilted and perished. Chrysanthemums vary in colors, from white, yellow, orange, and white varieties, all of which grow well in New Jersey. Chrysanthemums are excellent garden flowers, but do need to be tended or else they will clump together and stunt growth.

These are only four examples of the over one hundred varieties of perennials that grow very well in the state of New Jersey. We are experts in the planting, maintaining, and caring for all perennials, and are more than happy and willing to help anyone start a garden that will grow and blossom into the pride and envy of any neighborhood.

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A well-designed perennial garden can provide many years of beauty and enjoyment. Careful selection of plant materials and thoughtful planning can result in a full season of color. Perennials often require less maintenance than most annual flowers. Once established, they generally require less water than annuals and often have fewer pest problems. Contact us for more information.