May Garden Tips #2

When You Get Down to it-It’s All About the Soil

Closer New Jersey garden soil care

Soil provides all of a plants nutrients.

If we were to grow your ornamentals in water, we’d have to very precisely add every nutrient your plants would need and also aerate the water so they’d have air for their roots. Otherwise, they would rot and die. Fortunately, your plants grow in soil that provides a source of nutrients that we only have to monitor and supplement. But, the soil may or may not be able to release adequate nutrients for healthy and beautiful growth because of its acidity / alkalinity. Here’s where soil testing comes in, to make sure your plants are able to get what they need from the soil you have.

Miniature Leaves & Dead Branches In May

New Jersey spring tree car

When you see this it’s time to act soon.

… are sure signs of a tree in trouble! This condition means that not enough energy was stored up last fall for normal spring growth (because of various reasons) and now the tree is also unable to support the new leaves adequately. The major reasons why this occurs: girdling root; very compacted soil; roots damaged from construction; tree planted too low; the soil grade has been changed and is now higher.
The exact cause(s) must be determined and a strategy for pruning and fertilizing quickly developed to preserve the tree!!

Micro-Farming Made Easy

Micro gardening tips

Fun, easy, and delicious.

At one time everyone grew their own food . But now it’s more of a hobby. Innovations like vertical gardening, containers on wheels, towers of plants, intensive square gardening, have made micro-farming easy and practical. We encourage you to participate. No store-bought vegetables can match the flavor and nutrient content of freshly picked vegetables from your own garden.

Gardening Notes

Closter may garden care roses

Roses: Not just for Mother’s Day

Roses need weekly attention to combat disease and insect problems. If not already done, stems need to be pruned back to live wood, climbers re-secured to their supports, hybrid Teas pruned to 3 or 5 strong stems.

Flower Seeds can be sown outdoors when your trees are in leaf, as it will be warm enough.

Houseplants can be placed outdoors in protected areas as soon as the nights stay warm.

New jersey gardeners potted plant care

Pot Feet: Stylish and functional.

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control provides about 90% protection, and a thick, well-cared-for lawn the other 10%.

Lawn Weeds flourish under spring conditions, and can be controlled rather easily, unless there is abundant rain. Then all bets are off.

Pot Feet add a finishing touch to your favorite container, and protect plants’ roots from rotting.

Click to learn more about gardens by Robert Bradley.

Install Fragrance In Your Landscape

Your landscape can titillate all your senses: you have all kinds of plants appealing to your sense of sight and touch. Now add fragrance to appeal to your sense of smell.


Oriental Lily Varieties
Since they grow tall with a strong fragrance, they are best at the back of your garden; maybe plant them among your “boring” evergreens.

fragrance woolly thyme

Wooly Thyme
It happily grows among pavers, even under hot/dry conditions. When the foliage gets touched as people walk by, it releases an herbal scent. (Thymus pseudolanuginosus)

fragrance pale evening primrose

Pale Evening Primrose
This variety produces large flowers the exude an almond and jasmine scent all day from earl summer into fall. Locate it among other plants. (Oenothera paliida)

NOTE: Put off watering as long as you can for tougher turf.

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