May Garden Tips #1

The Magnificence of May

This entire spring period is ideal for adding to your landscape’s beauty and functionality in anticipation of new pleasures for years to come. Maybe what you fantasized about during the dreary winter, or maybe for years, can now come true by proceeding to “get it done.”

professional year round landscaping

May calls for persistent garden care

March gave us hope for the coming spring’s beauty. April saw that hope spring to life with Nature’s early,. offerings; and now May, “Magnificent May.” It unfolds its glorious beauty: vibrant blossoms of many colors on trees and shrubbery; spring bulbs doing their best to bring joy to our lives; verdant lawns at their very peak of beauty.

And why can we now enjoy all this beauty? Because of what was done last season: maybe new ornamental shrubs and trees were planted; maybe bulbs were planted in rows, in bunches, arranged for maximum display; and because your garden was cared for with knowledge and efficient control of weeds, insects and borers that could have marred the beauty before us.

So now it is incumbent upon us to continue that tradition of care: munching, sucking, boring insects controlled; turf and plants fertilized; water provided when nature withholds the needed amount for healthy growth… all so we can continue to enjoy the beauty that Nature intends for an ever-fulfilling life experience.

Further, as we go thru the season, we make suggestions for enhancing your landscape to fuel your imagination as to what would give you and your family pleasure. Perhaps a new patio complete with fireplace for entertaining? An elegant planting that caresses the eyes all through the seasons? A new beautiful walkway? Could one of these be your wish?

A landscape is a living entity that can grow more alluring year by year when you are committed to surrounding yourself with inspiring beauty.

Why Professional Care?


Trust the professionals

A magnificent landscape does not come about by chance.

It requires professional experience to create an elegant landscape in the beginning, and then to add to its beauty as the years go by.

A landscape that is not professionally preserved with all the experience and knowledge that only comes from years of diligent, intentional caring, will never perform as well as it could; nor fully display the beauty inherent in each plant; and, sadly, may very well deteriorate into an unappealing display of what “could have been.”

May 10th Reserved to Celebrate Our Love for Mothers

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