March Garden Tips – Tips for a New Season in 2017

March ‘Garden Tips’ for a New Season

March is already here

As you go through march, you can sense spring is coming by the warming air; the longer brighter days, and the first stirrings of new plant growth.

It’s all a wonder. Spring’s new growth instills hope for a new year where everything can be made right. The old is renewed; what wasn’t accomplished can now be realized.



Your landscape is emerging from its winter’s rest, and it is in need of a “breakfast.” Your lawn is waiting to respond with new green growth to replace its winter-dead blades; applying fertilizer speeds the process.

You’ll notice your trees’ leaf buds beginning to swell; new leaves emerging later from seemingly dead stems; and pussy willow, forsythia, and other early flowering shrubs coming alive.

The soil is warming as the air temperatures increase, and life within the soil works to ensure healthy new growth for the rapidly emerging spring, ushering in a new season of beauty for you.

Now is the time to begin: the cleaning up of winter’s debris; the pruning off of dead branches and stems from your shrubs and ornamental trees (the result of winter’s damaging weather); and moving forward with all those new plans you had made for your landscape during the winter.

Early spring is also the time to prepare the foundation for health in your landscape for another season: dormant oil sprays to kill scale insects on selected ornamentals; mulch under trees and in shrubbery beds to add organic material over time, and modify moisture loss and soil temperatures; fertilizer for groundcover plants, and for trees and shrubs if not done last fall.

A periodic soil test is advisable to make sure the pH is proper and there is availability of needed nutrients, especially trace minerals, so important for the health of your plants.

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