March “Garden Tips” #1

snowy-landscapeSpring will soon be upon us, with the chance to make improvements for landscapes that may need upgrading or a creative planting that will be a beautiful new focal point. Maybe you intended to do it last season, but didn’t get around to it. Now you have another chance. We’re here to help.

With alternate freezing and thawing during the winter, your soil has been recharged with minerals brought up from deeper levels of virgin soil; readied to support vigorous new growth.

Last fall your plants stored up nutrients in preparation for the new season’s growth; first to come out of dormancy, and then to explode with their annual display of new, fresh foliage and vibrant blooms to the delight of everyone.

Our role is to augment and, even to an extent, to orchestrate healthy, beautiful growth with specific care that works in concert with natural systems. The longer we are working in a landscape, the more we understand its needs, and are more capable of nurturing it for your satisfaction.

Of course your concern and cooperation is necessary to provide all that a vigorous landscape requires. We appreciate your trust in our procedures and our professional recommendations to achieve what you want: health, beauty, longevity.

SNOWDROPS are among the first flowers to appear each spring. If you don’t have any, consider planting them this fall.

Place them where you’ll pass by and see them often, like at your home’s entrance. They’ll be a welcome sight, a harbinger of spring’s arrival after a long winter of dullness.

All varieties of Snowdrops are easy to cultivate, seemingly capable of growing anywhere. You’ll want to try varieties beyond the most common one that has been cultivated in England since the 16th century.

So with only a small investment of time and treasure, you’ll enjoy their white petals and honey scent at the very beginning of each new season.

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