June Garden Tips for the Transition

Somewhere between cool and moist hot and dry, lies a month of transition. June! It’s a period when the last of the early bloomers finish and prepare for next season, and the hotter season plants prepare to add their beauty to your landscape.

It’s a time when some turf grasses may suddenly encounter heat that makes them pause as if stunned, needing to adjust to the now less-than-perfect growing weather conditions before they regain their beautiful color for the summer period ahead.

It is a time for more diligence to detect stealth insects hiding and gaining sustenance from shrubbery and trees; from new fresh growth of their host plants. A time often when suddenly stressed lawns succumb to the diseases that are ‘programmed’ to seek and destroy what is weak.

And it is certainly a time to prepare for the summer fun and enjoyment that is soon to come.

We are bringing you some ideas about plants that may be new to you, but they will help make your garden more enjoyable. To protect your investment, as well as the beauty of your landscape, we’re presenting some information about what may impact it negatively.

The whole: the services we provide; the information and ideas offered; all have as the main focus the means for you and your family to more fully enjoy your landscape and to appreciate its natural beauty.

garden front entrance gateThis economically planted front entrance area blends with the natural appearance of the background trees. The low-growing annuals accentuate the low roof line of this ranch style home while adding color and interest to the whole setting. The curving walkway maintains the natural feel while leading visitors and guests to the front door. At a later date, evergreen shrubbery may be added with a compact flowering tree, while still maintaining the informal design.

It’s Time for Diligent Watering to Avoid Stress


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