June Garden Tips #1

The services we provide, the seasonal care information we send to increase your knowledge,and garden ideas offered, all have as the main focus the means for you and your family to more fully enjoy your landscape, to appreciate its natural beauty, and its positive contribution to your life.

The Summer is Here

We certainly have enjoyed the magnificence of May’s beauty, andGardenTips-June-house1
revel in the lingering spring’s ideal weather and growing conditions.

But, all good things tend to come to an end… maybe not abruptly, but still inexorably… spring yields to summer’s challenges with heat, drought, diseases, summer weeds, insects and grubs.

We get a taste of this when a sudden heat spell arrives (in our minds, ahead of schedule) and tests the vigor of our plants and the effectiveness of the horticultural care they are receiving.

If the care provided has been good, the turf might go off-color, or get a disease; but with just some immediate care, it recuperates and gets stronger, ready for summer’s conditions.

Shrubbery, if it has had some root damage from an extended winter, may be tested and give up some branches in order to re-balance the remaining roots’ ability to supply nutrients and water to the upper plant. (If there are fewer roots, less foliage can be supported).  We also may have to tend to more insect activity.

And, your trees, if something is amiss (girdling roots, planted too deep, root damage, impenetrable soil), may wisely give up some leaves and branches to keep in balance the supply of water and nutrients to support the foliage. If some leaves are also smaller than other leaves on the tree, you must get professional help immediately! Further, there may be an issue of insects and scales feeding off your ornamental trees that will also need to be controlled.

So, you have it… the annual “dance” with uncontrollable situations that must be addressed with much preparation in advance, and taken care of quickly when the challenges arrive.

Professional Care Saves

The adage: “you get what you pay for” is true; doubly true when comparing landscape maintenance costs.

First, you have the obvious cost of routine maintenance which, if it is done sloppily without real caring, just isn’t satisfying; even annoying.

Second, there are the hidden costs. After all, we are dealing with living, breathing organisms that require care for the present and an educated concern for future health.

Without the caring for details, and the decades of professional experience, a landscape simply cannot flourish as it should.

Time to Apply Water to Replace Spring Rains

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