June Garden Tips #1

We thoroughly enjoy spring weather, as do our turf and plants. It’s mild, and usually enough rain to keep everything growing nicely. Yes, there are weeds and some insects to contend with, but overall it’s just right. Now comes the transition to harder times. More heat, less rain, and with the change of weather come more diseases and insect problems. That’s what we’re here for, to make sure your landscape flourishes even in the hard times.


Flowers relax you and boost your energy.

We hope you are considering adding lots of flowers for your summertime garden. They add so much to your enjoyment, and for many good reasons.

“Evolutionary Psychology” publication reported that the sight of flowers produces better moods in both men and women and better memory recall.

A Harvard Medical School study demonstrated that the sight of flowers on a daily basis boosts energy and produces more relaxed feelings.

A Texas A & M University study demonstrated that workers who had flowers in their offices had lower stress levels and it boosted their energy. Moreover, they came up with more innovative ideas and solved problems more effectively than workers who didn’t have the sight and fragrance of flowers in their offices.
june-landscapeFragrance from roses and lavender help calm anxiety and boost your memory. A 2009 Japanese study worked with Alzheimer patients and found that morning and evening aromatherapy that included the scent of lavender helped all the patients to score high er on four different cognitive assessment tests after just 28 days!

Have we given you enough reasons to plant flowers all over your garden, and in containers by your front door, and on your patio?

Well, here’s one more: they just look great!

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