July Garden Tips 2016 #2

Shrubbery requires about one inch of water each week under reasonable summer temperatures; maybe a bit more if it is really hot. Mulching generally reduces the amount of water that must be supplied.njlandscapingmulchingjuly2016

Trees generally can scavenge enough water because of their extensive root systems. But, if the tree is planted street-side, heat reflections from the pavement desecrate leaves, and water uptake from the root system is restricted.

These trees and others may need supplemental water-ing. You’ll know when, because the leaves are dry, and probably some are falling off. In this case, place your water hose nozzle in at least three d ifferent positions under the tree canopy, and let water dribble for several hours in each spot. Do this weekly for as long as heat and drought continue.

Most trees are prone to growing excess branches. This puts a strain on the root system to provide adequate moisture and nutrients. To relieve stress on the whole tree, therefore, pruning must be an ongoing procedure to keep a balance between the size and ability of the root system, an d the needs of the entire tree.

Mitigating stress in all plants minimizes the occurrence of insect attacks and disease outbreaks, thus reducing the need for expensive rescue chemistry or plant replacement.

It’s Vacation Time: Before you go, arrange for watering or have your sprinkler system checked for full coverage and probably set for an extra watering cycle just to be sure.

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