July Garden Tips 2016 #1


Summer months can be tricky: hot spells followed by quick rains; or just not and dry. We never really know in advance, and must be alert. Believe it or not, weather patterns do repeat and that can give us clues of what to expect, and what to prepare for. The best of course is being on site, but that’s not possible economically. So we ask you to assist us by being another set of eyes, and to call us if you suspect something is amiss with your beautiful landscape.

Our Best Advice For Your Landscape

njlandscapingjuly2016 Mitigating stress in your trees, turf and plants will go a long way towards minimizing expense and maximizing beauty.

Measuring water output for each area of your landscape, mulching shrubbery beds and around trees, and providing judicious insect and disease control, a lay the foundation for a healthy landscape at minimal cost.

For the summer months, watering practices are of immediate importance. Most summers are hot and dry; only a few are mild with adequate rains.

njlandscapingwateringjuly2016Your turf exhibits water-related stress quickly by browning, often also because of disease. During really hot days, your turf will benefit from a quick shower midday to r reduce heat stress, and NEVER wants an early evening watering which will principally foster fungus growth and resultant damage. Early morning watering is best.

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