July Garden Tips for the start of summer

july garden tips njThis July 4th marks America’s 241st ‘birthday.’ It’s a time to fully enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Fire up the barbecue: steaks, hamburgers, frankfurters are all appealing summer fare as you celebrate . . . in your landscape that you can be proud of because you are providing the care necessary for its health. So, relax, and take time to enjoy all its beauty.

Our purpose is to have you enjoy your summer time fun without worrying about your landscape. However, we would appreciate your cooperation to provide adequate, and very necessary, water to supplement whatever rain comes.

Summer heat and an unreliable water supply stresses turf, ornamentals and even trees. So a reliable supply of water is really necessary to help ward off insect and disease damage, and even unsightly weeds.

The first line of defense against any insect pest or disease is a healthy plant and turf. With proper care, which includes periodic fertilizing, inspection and treatment for insects and diseases, seasonal weed control, and, yes, proper watering, your grounds can be a beautiful example of a modern landscape that you and your family will enjoy.

And summer is normally a time for vacations. But, not for us, for our responsibility is to make sure your landscape thrives, even under the stressful heat of summer.

Many other joys of summer await you with displays of flowering plants: Impatiens and Begonias for shade; Portulaca for dry hot places; stately plants like Canna with dramatic leaves and abundant blooms; ever blooming Petunias spilling over the sides of patio containers; “Snowdrift” roses that love to flower constantly all summer and into the fall (determinedly free of diseases); and a hundred other pretty flowers to provide beauty for your life.

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