July Garden Tips #2

Pruning Trees for Healthful Balance

Trees before and after pruning

Pre-emptive pruning thins the leaf canopy to maintain good balance between the root system and the upper tree’s canopy.

As the summer progresses, the proper balance between a tree’s root system and its ability to absorb and distribute moisture and nutrients to the upper leaf canopy becomes more and more apparent and easily observed.
Where the balance is good, the leaf canopy looks healthy. But, where the balance is off, top leaves first begin to with-
er and fall off, followed by twigs and whole branches dying. The initial reaction often is fear of losing the tree. However, with a professional analysis, while it may turn up other problems, it will most often indicate pruning and fall fertilizing as the first corrective procedure. When the root mass is disturbed: cut off, restricted, or not sustained by adequate water and oxygen within the root zone . . . the upper portion of the tree cannot be supported. Thus, the dieback, and the need to rebalance the tree’s root system with the leaf canopy through judicious pruning.

The Queen of Flowers

Purple Rose july tips
Like any queen, roses like attention. But, fortunately, for our fast-paced lives, extra ordinary care is no longer necessary. Just choose the disease resistant varieties, plant marigolds and chives with them to repel insects, water the ground and not the leaves to curtail diseases, and fertilize lightly each month.

Gardening Notes

Water is increasingly needed as the weather turns hotter, in order to keep stress low. This helps to limit damage from insects and diseases.

Trimming/Pruning Shrubbery should be finished up soon.

Rhododendrons should have spent blossoms removed.

Holes in Hosta and other leafy perennials usually are caused by beetles, and slugs which can be controlled with diatomaceous earth.
sprinkler with a broken head
Check Your Sprinkler System for Broken Heads which will waste water and will impact the health of your turf and plants.

prevent or treat summer diseasesSummer Diseases . . . often start with hot, humid weather and may need treatment. Healing will be slower with hot temperatures.grubs in lawn

Grub Alert! Three weeks after the first beetles are seen, checking should begin, even if a grub control had been applied previously.

Perhaps You’re Considering A Whole New Landscape

This summer will be a great time to evaluate how your present landscape fulfills your family’s expectations, and to make plans to do the alterations this fall. Meanwhile, why not beautify what you have, maybe using some of these ideas.

Colorful Pots And~colorful pots to liven up a space

… color coordinate with patio furniture,fill with annuals, or grape tomatoes, miniature peppers or herbs for dinner. Will put a smile on your face every time you water.

Flower Pot Towertower flower pot

Annuals make a quick and reliable “show.” Color coordinate with furniture, or have a color theme, like red, white & blue. Water daily.

‘Elephant Ears’ On Patio

Yes, that’s their name, and they can grow huge: certainly an attention getter. Plant telephant ear plantshem immediately for display yet
this summer and into fall.

Please don’t forget this month’s most important outdoor chore — watering, watering, watering.

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