January “Garden Tips” Part 1

Your landscape is a perennial source of pleasure, and we are thankful to help you maintain its beauty and integrity. But, that pleasure needn’t stop with the bleak days of winter, especially if your landscape includes plants that continue to offer interest.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to continue your gardening, but indoors, with a variety of plants that offer healthful benefits for your family and intriguingly beautiful displays.

Gardening-On Indoors with Tough Plants

The criteria we suggest for indoor gardening is as follows:

The chosen plants should be easy to care for, even surviving some neglect. And, they should be pest-free as much as possible. So we’re presenting some beautiful candidates that will serve you well.

Rhizomatous BegoniaTough houseplants originate in the tropics and under taller plants so they can thrive in our heated homes, and not need much light. We are presenting three now, and more later for your success.

Begonias may have a bad rap, but Rhizomatous varieties are perfect for indoor gardening if you keep the container tight and shallow, and don’t over water.

KalanchoeThe same holds true for Kalanchoe varieties, just as long as you place them in bright light, and limit their watering too! “Flaming Katy” variety blossom s prolifically through the winter.

EcheveriaEcheveria varieties are succulents with chubby, chalky leaves. Varieties like ‘Topsy Turvy” display coral-colored blossoms. Their preference is a gritty potting soil with good drainage a nd a tight container that restricts their root growth. And, they just require watering every two weeks!

Our hope is that these tough houseplants will encourage you to continue your gardening pleasure indoors all winter long.

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