January “Garden Tips” #2

house finch bird

House Finch

Are “Your” Birds Satisfied?

To be sure, birds that are hungry enough will even eat old dried bread.  But, to give them what they need, that takes seeds, some suet and some unfrozen water.

blue jay bird

Blue Jay

To get the best variety of birds to visit, sunflower seeds do a good job, attracting finches, juncos, towhees, cardinals, buntings, doves, jays, mocking birds and even woodpeckers (they really prefer suet).

cardinal bird


While many of the birds that visit during winter are eating the seeds you are providing,many will turn to eating insects during the growing season.  The more birds you attract during the winter, the more that will stick around and return the favor by helping to lower the insect populations that would otherwise damage your shrubbery and flowers.

“Dreaming Of Your Landscape”

rose flowerAh, the fragrance, and the incomparable beauty of a rose garden, where I could sit and contemplate all that is good in this world. A dozen, no, two dozen hybrids; yes, that’s about right for my garden!

zen gardenThen, I’ll create a seating area under an arbor so I can meditate while enjoying my private green space out back, separating me from the stresses of everyday life.

Yes, I’ll dream of my new landscape, contemplating what can be done to make it better for my family, so we can all thegarden arbor gate more enjoy so much of what nature presents for our pleasure.

And, we can install an arbor for our back yard entrance; and we’ll grow vines to cover it. It will form a living arch, and we can install lights for the holidays, and then keep them lit all through next winter…

Here Are Several Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Care For To “Green” Your Winter

zeezee plant for indoorsZeezee Plant has upright growth, deep green foliage, and is slow growing (so buy as big as you want right away). It tolerates low light well, but prefers moderate light, and can go weeks without watering. Honestly, we think it has plastic DNA You’d practically have to burn it to kill it!


arrowhead vine indoor plant

devils vine pathos plantArrowhead Vine and Devil’s Vine (or Pathos) make wonderful foliage plants that start off as a mound (and can be kept that way with pruning). Then they begin trailing, which means you can hang them in a basket, let their vines trail along a table or mantle, or train the vines to grow on an upright pole. Water moderately, and low light is fine.

snake plant for indoors
Snake Plant is another upright to grow where height is desired, and is almost indestructible. Neglect it, and it still grows. It’s o.k. with low light, a little extra is appreciated, but not necessary. Let the soil dry out before waterings, and as with most house plants – don’t chew on them.

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