Insects Chomp, Chew, Suck

Sawfly Larvae Chewing Away

Sucking Scale Insects On Pine Needles

One would like to think the nice new spring growth would be free to develop beautifully without harm. Alas, that is not the case.

‘Chewing’ insects, such as sawfly larvae that devour mugho pine needles while camouflaging themselves to look like the very needles they are chewing off. The ‘chompers,’ such as beetles and adult black vine weevils eat their fill; weevil adults giving away the presence of their more deadly larvae chewing on the stems.

Then there are a host of ‘suckers:’ aphids that like every plant in your landscape; scale insects that drink from the fountain through leaves and stems while encased in a waxy coating to thwart simple control measures.

While aphids are more prone to feast on fast-growing plants, scale insects are more prone to infest weaker plants. The first strategy is to fortify the plants under attack, as well as check to see if the growing conditions need to be improved.

Ideally, we would like to believe the battle can be won with simple measures. However, one must sometimes resort to the use of chemical controls to ensure a new season of health and beauty. This requires consistent diligence and strategy for control.

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