How Does It Work?

Weed Control Materials: must be absorbed through the leaves. If the weather is dry and hot, the leaves can’t absorb the control material and there will be no control. Controlling weeds in lawns requires special materials. Think of: “walls of defense” through which the materials must go in order to kill the weed. Lawn grasses have more “walls of defense” than weeds, surviving the treatment; unless it gets too hot, then the “walls of defense” break down and the grass plants are also hurt or killed. This is the reason why selective weed control isn’t usually done when it is too hot. However, new selective weed controls on the market seem promising in controlling weeds even in hot weather without damaging the turf. Crabgrass is controlled before it emerges by either killing the seed or preventing it from germinating for a period of about ninety days …
Grub Control: Many beetle species derive nourishment from flowers and ornamentals in order to lay eggs in turf. The eggs then hatch into larvae (grubs), consuming grass roots until the turf dies. Applying a systemic material Feeding beforehand will kill the larvae upon contact; but that still leaves a chance that some grub damage could occur, especially along hot curbs, or if the surface has been disturbed.

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