General Reminders

Dormant spraying with a horticultural oil is the first line of defense against insects, and most especially for scale in sects whose hard shells are their defense against control measures attempted during the growing season.

spring-branchesSoil Testing- is needed periodically to determine what is needed by your soil and plants to produce healthier and more resilient landscapes.

Fertilizing Lawns, Trees, Shrubs – Groundcovers – Perennial Beds and Vegetable Gardens- should be done soon because you want your landscape healthy and looking great, your flowers radiant, and your vegetables plentiful.

Start Monthly Fertilizing Of Houseplants- since March begins their growing season; and they’ll also need more watering. It’s also a good idea to check for insect problems which can be wash ed away with a soap solution: 1 TBSP mild detergent in a quart of warm water.

siberian-squillSiberian Squill: you know winter is vanquished when they emerge, perhaps naturalized in a shaded lawn area.

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