Gardening Notes

  • sprinklerWater is increasingly needed as the weather turns hotter in order to keep stress low. This helps limit damage by insects and diseases.
  • It’s a good idea to run through the sprinkler zones periodically, one by one, to make sure all heads are working properly to supply the right amount of water to each area.
  • “Weedy Gray Heads” Bluegrass turf produces seed heads appearing lighter green, even grayish, before returning to a normal green color in a few weeks.
  • Rhododendrons should have their spent blossoms removed when plant has finished flowering.
  • Esummer-diseasesvergreen Trimming should only begin when the new light green growth resembles the color of the older growth.
  • Summer Diseases often start with cottony masses seen on morning dew.
  • scale-insectsScale Insects can suck the life out of you r ornamental trees and shrubs.

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