May Gardening Notes


Roses- A Symbol of Love!

Roses need weekly attention to combat disease and insect problems. If not already done, stems need to be pruned back to live wood, climbers re-secured to their supports, hybrid Teas pruned to 3 or 5 strong stems.

Trees In Leaf? Then seeds can be sown outdoors . . . AND insects will come to dine.

Houseplants can be placed outdoors in protected areas as soon as the nights stay warm.

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control can only provide about 80-90% protection. A thick, well-cared-for lawn is required for more complete control.

Overabundant Spring Rain makes it hard to control lawn weeds, and also diminishes crabgrass pre-emergent control.

Miniature Spring Tree Leaves need to be taken as a sign of something wrong. It could be hard soil, a girdling root, tree planted too deep, inadequate nutrition, or? Best to get it checked professionally.

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