Conserving Your Landscape

Cut High for Better TurfActions in the spring are important for your landscape’s health. You know fertilizing, crabgrass prevention and weed control are normal routines. But, having your lawn cut higher will produce more food energy and storage in an expanding root system; important for sustaining turf all season.

Tent caterpillars strip newly emerging leaves, which means those trees aren’t going to replenish food energy used to grow those new leaves.

Tent Caterpillar NestScale insects attack just about every plant in your landscape and can only be controlled with an oil or soap spray. The sooner they are controlled in the spring, the better off your plants will be all season.

They do a number on ornamental fruit trees, as well as azaleas, taxus, pine, hemlocks, etc, etc. These conservation actions are important for landscape longevity.

scale insectsscale insects

Going from here to there can be beautifulstone plant walkway

Having a whole big landscape project is always fun, but sometimes just taking on a few small projects can be satisfying while adding some beauty to your garden. How often do you retrace your steps? Here a simple pathway of selected stones and plants makes your ‘trip’ more interesting and enjoyable.


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