February “Garden Tips” #2

Specialty Winter Pruning


Inspired Yearly Pruning Keeps Mature Japanese Maples Magnificent

Simply stated, weeping Japanese maples are magnificent specimens, but only if they are pruned properly, and yearly once matured.

Maples not tended to lose their beauty and their standing as the most valuable ornamental in the landscape; elegant for all seasons.

The great beauty of Japanese maples is also derived from their enchanting skeleton which gets hidden under layers of branches and foliage; especially true when planted in a sunny location which encourages rapid growth. This is a reason for pruning to thin the branching – but wait a few years on a new specimen until it has developed some grace.


The Tangled Branching of Japanese Weeping Cherry Makes Winter Pruning an Ideal Time

One prunes in the winter to reveal the ‘skeletal’ branching; one prunes in the summer when it’s cool to keep it graceful.

The tangled branch growth pattern of weeping Japanese cherry trees often discourages pruning, opting to just clear the bottom, and round out the top which makes it look like an umbrella. It’s o.k. if that is good with you.

Otherwise, being able to clearly see the branches during the winter makes it more possible to keep it tamed with a cascading graceful shape.

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