Fall-Winter Tree & Shrub Audit

Your Tree & Shrub Audit May Reveal…

Scale Insects

scale-insectsIf your landscape contains privet, euonymus varieties or ornamental fruit trees, there may still be scale insects feeding, and really do need to be controlled with a horticultural oil spray. Also, all insect damaged plants could benefit from applying fertilizer.

Girdling Roots

girdling-rootsThe danger to the tree’s health and survival increases as the tree grows. It is literally being strangled. A sure sign your tree has a girdling root, whether you can see it or not, is that the trunk is not round; it shows one or more flattened areas. Unfortunately, not all girdling roots can be removed when the tree gets more mature. Therefore, it is imperative to as early as possible find and remove the root, or roots that will choke your tree into an unhealthy state; even death.

Time For Pruning Where Needed

pruning-where-neededYou do not want to be caught with troubled, weak crotches or branching during any winter. Wind and ice storms could devastate the trees as well as cause serious damage to other plantings, your home, and electrical wires. Get professional help now.

Professional arborists and dentists have one thing in common: they don’t get called until “it hurts!” Your teeth will do better with at least a yearly inspection. Your trees will do better with a yearly inspection!!! They’ll also look better, and be healthier. We are alerting you to some common problems that should be taken care of professionally.

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