December Gardening Notes

Gardening Notes for December

birdsStart feeding birds early so they establish your yard as the “go to” place.

Along with seeds, raisins bread, suet, etc. be sure to supThanks! And please ply water for supply water too. thirsty birds.

Lighted Winter Decorations

lighted-winter-decorationswinter-lighted-decorationsSimple enough idea; just use a metal or wooden tub, arrange branches from pruning within strands of holiday lights.

Here evergreen cuttings decorated with lights make the dark of winter nights come alive.

We Really Want to Avoid This

frozen-treeA pictorial on the reason to have all your trees inspected each year, with maintenance pruning a yearly procedure. Storms and winter ice will test the strength of all trees. Broken trees lose much of their appeal!

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