December Garden Tips 2016 #3

Holiday Season Garden Notes

winter-tree-dangerHere’s why all your trees should be inspected each year, with maintenance pruning a yearly procedure. Storms and winter ice will test the strength of all trees. Broken trees lose much of their appeal, if not all their value!
It’s easy to make attractive displays for the winter patio or entrance door from cuttings pruned off evergreens and deciduous shrubs.
Add bright glass balls; add a string of lights for an evening display.
Apply a little creativity and you’ll keep your outside patio and other areas attractive all winter.
Starting early to provide food for birds establishes your yard as the “go to” place. Then along with seeds, raisins, bread, suet, etc. be sure- to supply liquid water. Birds are thirsty.

December Pointers for Your Garden

  • Your Evergreens – may benefit from an antidesiccant coating. It traps moisture inside where it’s needed. This helps plants get through the winter by limiting the potential damage caused by drying winter winds. It can be applied even if the ground is frozen; the wind chill factor must be above freezing.
  • Protect Shrubs from Heavy Snow Damage – by wrapping cord in a spiral around columnar plants like arborvitae, taxus, juniper… to prevent the breaking or bending of upright stems.
    Container Grown Plants – need extra protection since the roots are more prone to damage from freezing than when they are planted in the ground . For protection , dig the containers into the ground for the winter.
  • Have Roses? – prune for neatness and mound dirt or mulch high up above the graft. Be sure c limbers are tied securely.
  • Have Perennials? – mound leaves or mulch on top of the plants to insulate their roots and to help guard against them being shoved out of the ground during alternate freezing and thawing.

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